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Police Department of Nassau County, New York 

Superior Officers Association Police Department of Nassau County, New York

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Brian Hoesl



Superior Officers Association Police Department of Nassau County, New York


SOA Endorsements

In the Gold Shield newsletter you will find our endorsements for  the November election.  While we put a lot of thought into our choices I am sure that some members do not always understand the decisions we  make.  I, or any member of the Board, are more than willing to discuss these endorsements with you at any time.  Please do not hesitate to call if you wish an explanation of any of our choices.

To clarify our decision on the top of the ticket, the Governor’s race, I would like to take just a moment to explain the reasons for our endorsement of Governor Cuomo.  While you may not agree with the Governor’s positions on all of the issues there is no denying this one simple fact, without his input we would still be in a wage freeze.  After enduring three years of stalemate with the old NIFA board I firmly believe that, even if you are not completely satisfied with the re-negotiated contract, we are now far better off than we were before.  There is no doubt in my mind that if we did not make this settlement with the County our pay would have remained frozen for the foreseeable future.  The Governor’s appointments of new members to the NIFA board, along with some gentle prodding, allowed a more reasonable attitude to prevail regarding our settlement.  We felt we owed the Governor our endorsement.

However, there were certainly some of his previous positions that we had taken exception to.  The new pension legislation, Tier 6, started out quite onerous, but in the end the Governor did bend slightly. Unfortunately there are still provisions of this law that adversely impact our new police officers which we will have to try and correct in the future.   Probably the one decision I disagreed the most with the Governor was his passage of the "SAFE Act".  This law was no more than “feel good” legislation, poorly written and conceived, to enhance his position with voters.  Where I think the Governor erred is in not anticipating the opposition to this law both locally and nationally. I do not think that it will do anything to enhance gun safety in this state nor his image in a national election.  However, this is more a personal opinion than my position as a labor representative.  Unfortunately I must tell you that the Governor’s opponent, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, was in the forefront when I was your Albany representative to repeal the Triborough Act and institute a defined contribution pension for public employees.  Either one of these proposals would have been devastating for public workers.  It would have been impossible for us, as a public employee labor union, to support Mr. Astorino. I hope this short explanation makes our decision a little clearer for you.      


Law Suit Update

 As of the time of this writing all necessary briefs by the parties have been filed with the Appellate Division.  The next step is to get the case put on the calendar for oral arguments.  Unfortunately this time we do not have an expedited hearing so the case will not be heard until at least some time next year.  It would be impossible to say exactly when we will have our day in court, but probably at least 6 months would be an educated guess, and perhaps longer.  However we are sure that because of expected appeals, no matter what the decision in the Appellate Division this whole process is still years away from completion.  Some members contemplating retirement have asked me if a favorable decision upon completion would effect their pension if they were to retire.  If we do prevail it is possible that you would receive retro monies from April 1,2011 through April 1,2014, and if you used those years as part of you final average salary your pension would be adjusted to reflect that change.

 Activity Sheets

 Unfortunately the bi-monthly activity reports have started to pop up again in what the department considers under-performing precincts.  I personally believe that these reports are a waste of your time and further reinforce the idea that there is a ticket quota in the Nassau County Police Department. Instead of reassigning the personnel whom the department believes have substandard activity they have concentrated their efforts on overloading our supervisors with unnecessary paperwork.  I would recommend to you that if you have a subordinate who is performing below the expected (but not identified) level of activity that you advise your C.O. that a change of assignment for the member is necessary as all of your “counseling” has fallen on deaf ears.  It is up to the upper echelon of this department to then take corrective action, because until you see that they are willing to act positively I believe all of your efforts will continue to be a waste of time.   


HPB Loses The B-U-A

 A day does not seem to pass without someone coming in and saying this Sergeant or Inspector is retiring.  I am sure this will continue into 2015 and I would be surprised if we did not hit record numbers next year.  While we all have friends who leave and we will miss I would like to single out for comment one particular member. 

 This past month our HPB trustee, Bob Bua, retired after just shy of 32 years of police service between NYPD and NCPD.  Bob was on our board for a number of years and someone who I have known since our days together in the 5th Pct (yes, there was a time before highway for Bob).  As much as guys kidded Bob with short men jokes and cheapskate jokes (he is tight as the proverbial you know what), he never lost his sense of humor.  Anytime we needed volunteers for a union function we always knew we could count on him, although the one requirement was that we had to feed him.  However, it was a small price to pay and I for one will miss his presence on the Board. He is a good friend and was a solid union representative.  Good luck Bob in your retirement, perhaps now you can buy another Rolex with your separation pay!  


As always, any questions on any of the above items please call me at the office or email me at


























The Office of the Commissioner of Police

With the sudden departure of Commissioner Thomas Dale and the recent appointment of Acting Police Commissioner Victor Politi to the NUMC post we are now back in limbo as to whom our next police commissioner will be.  The County Executive has indicated that he might again look outside the department for a new Commissioner.  However, with no deference to Commissioner Politi, whom I believe would have made a good leader due to his people skills and understanding of the job, it has always been our position that we have our own members who are more than capable of running this department. Nobody understands how this job functions better than our own senior staff.  No learning curve is involved, nor would they need time to understand the frustrations of everyone still operating under the oversight of NIFA.  Every commissioner, for the first 75 years of our existence, had come from within this department.  We firmly believe that one of our own would be the most logical choice.  We did personally communicate our position to the County Executive.  We hope that he will take our concerns into consideration.  I was lead to believe a decision would be made shortly. The sooner it is done the better.


Department Reorganization

Once again we have seen another efficiency reorganization of the department with the recent elimination of the Support Division (really just the elimination of the Chief of Support) and a realignment of parts of the Detective Division.  Unfortunately the bottom line with all of these reorganizations is merely a decrease in the ranks of the SOA.  The notion that eliminating supervisors and increasing the workload of those remaining, while at the same time expecting them to properly supervise their subordinates, will lead to greater efficiency is just sheer folly.  This started with the precinct consolidations and has now spread to all parts of the department.  While there certainly is always room for efficiency moves in any organization, just eliminating supervisory positions, when we are at unprecedented low levels, makes no sense to me.  If you want your subordinates to do more with less you need greater oversight to ensure that they are performing at peak efficiency.  The ranks of the SOA are now at 315 members, down by about 100 over the last four years.  We are now the smallest of the three unions, and have been for some time.  Yet somehow the place keeps running, maybe not more efficiently, but still running. I can assure you we have made our objections known.


The real problem lies in the continued exodus from this job and the lack of any real hiring.  When that will change all depends on if and when we settle the wage freeze issue and when the department starts hiring.  That question leads to the next topic, and the one you are most interested in, and that is negotiations.



NIFA and the Wage Freeze

I have reported to you several times on the progress of negotiations with the County to end the pay freeze.  I have not spoken to you recently because, at least on our part, there has been no new developments.  The PBA and NIFA seem to be close to reaching an agreement and we have finally heard from NIFA ourselves. While there seems to be a general consensus that something must be done it appears that as soon as we get close another roadblock pops up.  I do believe that we will eventually settle this, I just cannot tell you when. I would be no more surprised if it was next month than if it was next year.  But if it drags on much longer no good will come of it, that much I am certain.  Everyone is reaching the end of their rope. 


Lawsuit Update

Our attorneys have just recently filed the briefs to continue our wage freeze lawsuit in NYS Supreme Court.  We are just waiting for the County and NIFA’s briefs, which are due within the month.  While it is hard to predict I would imagine that we would have this first decision some time this year.  Then it will be on to the Appellate Division and eventually this case will be decided in the NYS Court of Appeals. I do have copies of the briefs from our attorneys and as soon as they are officially filed with the courts I can release them.  If anyone wishes to read them please let me know and I can forward them to you.   We will keep you posted as we proceed.     



As always, any questions on any of the above items please call me at the office or email me at











































Superior Officers Association Police Department of Nassau County, New York

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