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Brian Hoesl



Superior Officers Association Police Department of Nassau County, New York



What else could I be talking about besides precinct consolidations?  It was certainly good news that the County came to their senses and decided to split the 4th and 5th Precincts back to their original configurations. While I am sure the County achieved some slight savings from consolidation, mostly on the back of the SOA and on the overall reduction in supervision, it was always a case of being penny wise and pound foolish.  I have said this time and time again, I am sure one of the greatest concerns  of our residents is public safety.  While many people do not think about it every day because of the fact that they feel secure in their homes, when something happens to call their attention to it they suddenly become aware of the job that we do.  I do believe, in spite of the overall downsizing of this job, that we still deliver a quality product to our residents.  But the pennies saved and the overall decrease in the morale of our members by constantly being asked to do more with less was not worth it.  I firmly believe that the consolidations have always affected the response times in certain cases, as well as the amount of time supervisors and police officers spend on patrol.

What should happen now is the 3rd and 6th Precincts should be next on the list to separate.  To have a single precinct that basically covers the entire Town of North Hempstead (with a population of just shy of a quarter of a million residents!) is ludicrous.  That is the same size as many cities within the US, all of which I am sure have more than one precinct or district covering it.  While the police unions will continue to complain about these consolidations it always helps when the local legislators add their voice to the mix.  Certainly Nassau County Legislator Carrie Solages had remained vocal over the past several years regarding his opposition to the consolidation.  I am sure his input helped convince the County to relent, and we appreciated his help. 

But for now it will probably remain status quo for the 3rd & 6th and the 2nd & 8th consolidations, but I can assure you that we voice our concerns whenever we get a chance.   We now just wait patiently for the 4th& 5th to actually separate, and our supervisors finally get a chance to pick their 2015 vacations!


We have addressed this topic every time we sit with the County regarding issues affecting the Police Department.  It is an unfinished part of the wage freeze and I personally believe it is an injustice that supervisors are paid less for their longevity years than cops or detectives.  Certainly our experience, which is why you receive longevity payments in the first place, is as valuable as that of the other ranks.  Just recently we have again been discussing this issue with the County.  While I can make no guarantees I believe that we are making some progress.  It is an issue that has to be addressed sooner rather than later.  I will advise you as soon as there is something solid to report.

RMS, OT Letters, Activity Reports

When supervisors spend their time sitting in the station house writing reports instead of out on the street supervising their subordinates there is an obvious problem.  Reports for every instance where someone works overtime over three hours.  What is the point?  Is it just to make the supervisorís life more miserable in the mistaken belief that somehow if we know we have to write a letter we will magically whisk the cop out of the station house and off duty?  The real problems are many, including ECAB and RMS.  Everyone knows RMS is an overtime generating system.  Good for the person who is looking to bolster their salary/retirement but bad for the job.  Why can we use Swift for some arrests and not all?  What is the point of continuing with a system that you know costs you twice as much with every arrest.  There are a million excuses why we continue with it but I still donít understand.  We have made our suggestions known but no one wants to make a decision and change the system.  So the OT goes up and the sergeants spend their days writing letters.  What nonsense but we do what we are told.

And of course the activity reports.  Maybe if morale improved a bit on this job things would improve in all areas.  Letís start by settling the entire contract (hint: Longevity).  Morale is a difficult thing to control but when the supervisorís morale is in the toilet from nonsense reports and the like it all rolls downhill.  Another waste of time but if you canít abuse the cops, abuse the sergeants!


Just recently we had six of our members promoted to the rank of Captain and Det./Captain.  To all of you; Gary, Gary, Mark, Al, Greg and John, I offer my congratulations.  It is unfortunate that it is a rank which causes many to consider the option of accepting or declining a promotion.  I sincerely hope that going forward we will be somehow able to alleviate this problem. No organization can reach its greatest efficiency when there is a limited desire of the employees to advance to the upper echelons of the department.


As always, any questions on any of the above issues please feel free to call me at the office or email me at






































The Office of the Commissioner of Police

With the sudden departure of Commissioner Thomas Dale and the recent appointment of Acting Police Commissioner Victor Politi to the NUMC post we are now back in limbo as to whom our next police commissioner will be.  The County Executive has indicated that he might again look outside the department for a new Commissioner.  However, with no deference to Commissioner Politi, whom I believe would have made a good leader due to his people skills and understanding of the job, it has always been our position that we have our own members who are more than capable of running this department. Nobody understands how this job functions better than our own senior staff.  No learning curve is involved, nor would they need time to understand the frustrations of everyone still operating under the oversight of NIFA.  Every commissioner, for the first 75 years of our existence, had come from within this department.  We firmly believe that one of our own would be the most logical choice.  We did personally communicate our position to the County Executive.  We hope that he will take our concerns into consideration.  I was lead to believe a decision would be made shortly. The sooner it is done the better.


Department Reorganization

Once again we have seen another efficiency reorganization of the department with the recent elimination of the Support Division (really just the elimination of the Chief of Support) and a realignment of parts of the Detective Division.  Unfortunately the bottom line with all of these reorganizations is merely a decrease in the ranks of the SOA.  The notion that eliminating supervisors and increasing the workload of those remaining, while at the same time expecting them to properly supervise their subordinates, will lead to greater efficiency is just sheer folly.  This started with the precinct consolidations and has now spread to all parts of the department.  While there certainly is always room for efficiency moves in any organization, just eliminating supervisory positions, when we are at unprecedented low levels, makes no sense to me.  If you want your subordinates to do more with less you need greater oversight to ensure that they are performing at peak efficiency.  The ranks of the SOA are now at 315 members, down by about 100 over the last four years.  We are now the smallest of the three unions, and have been for some time.  Yet somehow the place keeps running, maybe not more efficiently, but still running. I can assure you we have made our objections known.


The real problem lies in the continued exodus from this job and the lack of any real hiring.  When that will change all depends on if and when we settle the wage freeze issue and when the department starts hiring.  That question leads to the next topic, and the one you are most interested in, and that is negotiations.



NIFA and the Wage Freeze

I have reported to you several times on the progress of negotiations with the County to end the pay freeze.  I have not spoken to you recently because, at least on our part, there has been no new developments.  The PBA and NIFA seem to be close to reaching an agreement and we have finally heard from NIFA ourselves. While there seems to be a general consensus that something must be done it appears that as soon as we get close another roadblock pops up.  I do believe that we will eventually settle this, I just cannot tell you when. I would be no more surprised if it was next month than if it was next year.  But if it drags on much longer no good will come of it, that much I am certain.  Everyone is reaching the end of their rope. 


Lawsuit Update

Our attorneys have just recently filed the briefs to continue our wage freeze lawsuit in NYS Supreme Court.  We are just waiting for the County and NIFAís briefs, which are due within the month.  While it is hard to predict I would imagine that we would have this first decision some time this year.  Then it will be on to the Appellate Division and eventually this case will be decided in the NYS Court of Appeals. I do have copies of the briefs from our attorneys and as soon as they are officially filed with the courts I can release them.  If anyone wishes to read them please let me know and I can forward them to you.   We will keep you posted as we proceed.     



As always, any questions on any of the above items please call me at the office or email me at











































Superior Officers Association Police Department of Nassau County, New York

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